Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hot boots

Duo Boots, will you marry me?

If I want to know how to build a house, I will ask a carpenter. If I want to know how to bake a great cookie, I'll talk to the chefs at Old C's.

So obviously, if you want to know about good boots, you gotta go to the most esteemed expert: a Brit.

Ah yes, London. How many times have I cursed that frigid air because I attempted to wear heels? I have decided that even in summer, the only shoe suitable for England is the boot.

So when my British pal, Catherine, sent me this e-mail tip the other day, I knew it was legit. Not to mention, I love how British people write. Tea!

"Check out They are a company based in Bath who make simply the best long/mid-calf boots in lots of different width fittings. I've had a pair that have made it through three winters of 'I want to wear a dress but it's cold and wet,' have been resoled and reheeled and still survive. They are brilliant and the more people who know about them the better the range will become, so I thought you'd like them, too! I have to say that I'm starting to think on this rainy Sunday that I should buy these: Jesolo boots, Textured metallic patent leather boots with leather covered platform sole and heel. So I'm going to have a cup of tea."
I love the idea of patent leather boots. And tea.


"You know you have an amazing pair of shoes when . . ."
" . . . when your feet hurt but you love them so much that you just walk through the pain."
-- My friend Devon

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