Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Dressing for the occasion

My style icon of the day. Photo by Flickr user Go®gO.


Sometimes I feel like I have multiple personalities that hinge on whatever stories I’m going to write for the day. You see, I usually choose my outfit based on who I will be talking to. And as a general-assignment reporter, that is always changing.

Today, my look is Glamorous Geriatrics. I am an 80-year-old woman in a tan June Cleaver dress and close-toed orthopedic-style pumps. Taking it over the edge is a brown knit top I’m wearing over it, and my bracelet that looks like wood wall paneling. This outfit actually made me break out in a few new wrinkles.

I’m writing a story about a church fundraiser and spent my morning sitting with an older woman on her porch watching the stream bubble by.

I spent all day Tuesday at Penny Lane.. That meant a brown wife-beater, holy faded jeans, sandals and vintage jewelry.

I dress down for high schools, up for awards ceremonies and I pull out the designer names when I am doing fashion interviews.

Some might call it schitzo. I like to consider it versatile.

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