Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Every thorn has its rose

There are so many ways to describe the crowd at the Bret Michaels concert, and all of them start with "you might be a redneck if."

Of course, this noun can be swapped out for any of its synonyms, including but not limited to: Grizzly Rose regular, "Rock of Love" contestant reject, non-ironic mullet-sporter, star and candidate for "What Not to Wear."

Now, I'm not excluding myself from this scene. I recently cut my hair into a concoction that looks like if Joan Jett's hair invited David Bowie's wig in "Labyrinth" out for a drunken night at the strip club. And I'll be gosh darned to heck if I don't want nothing but a good time. Which is exactly what I got at this brief concert -- yes, double-negative and all.

This experience also taught me how tragically many folks out there need a few style tips.
Like for reals.

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Photo of Bret Michaels? by Flickr user camknows.

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