Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Giselle: Shea for life

Photo by Hollywood Calling.

Giselle is very concerned about the welfare of women in Uganda.

She rarely makes eye contact with anyone. Mostly, she sits and stares into the horizon, silently contemplative and thoughtful. An emotive desperado. She is waiting -- for something.

That something is animal crackers, or topical ointments of any kind. Especially shea butter.

Although her skin is somewhat dry, she prefers shea butter in her mouth; she could easily slam a large tub of the stuff in one sitting. And if you put shea butter on your skin, you best sprint out the door. Otherwise, you will be chased around the house with a poodle tongue velcroed to your lotioned leg.

My apricot poodle would like every human in the world to buy and generously use shea butter.

And the Boulder nonprofit BeadforLife just started selling shea butter made from nuts harvested by poverty-stricken women in Uganda.

That`s how I know Giselle is an advocate for women in Uganda.


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